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North-Indian Delicacy Made From A Variety Of Pulses

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Poha is typically a Western Indian breakfast recipe

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A Spicy Thick Curry Of Mixed Vegetables Spiked

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Schezwan Rice is a Spicy and Tasty Indo Chinese Recipe

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Natural milk-cheese is rich in vitamins and minerals, and low in cholesterol. It is also advised to people who have a slow digestive system and in faster recovery.

Nutritious Meal
Authentic home-cooked taste
Hand-Picked Spices
Preservative Free

We bring the best plant based milk right at your door steps.

  • Cold pressted and processed organically
  • No flavours added
  • Rated 5 stars. Over 1 million reviews
  • In-house factory
  • 150+ Delivery points

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How bowlful makes your life easy being miles apart

How bowlful makes your life easy being miles apart

Each product is curated with immense precisness and love making each product taste uniquely different and enriched with authentic recipe making each product unique. 

Each chef showcase the true expertises of authentic indian dishes offering your the satisfaction of enjoying the dishes with a peace of mind.
End of the day, Freeze Drying technology is not rocket science. But, just like everything else in life, you will have to see it and taste it to believe it.Book your subscription plan today on our website *WebsiteLink*

What exactly is Freeze Drying and Freeze-Dried Foods?

What exactly is Freeze Drying and Freeze-Dried Foods?

The Freeze Drying method is definitely the need of the hour, be it any part of the world you are located in, you can surely enjoy and relish the refreshing taste and texture of your favourite authentic food.
Difference between Freeze Drying and Dehydration

Difference between Freeze Drying and Dehydration

At the end of the day, both methods will leave you with a shelf-stable product, and buying one over the other usually comes down to personal preference, cost, and purpose.
Freeze Dried Technology

Freeze Dried Technology

Taste and Nutrition in, nothing else out!

100% dry product

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Variety of flavours indeed

These meals are a lifesaver. They’re healthy and delicious and there are so many options that we never get bored.

Maresi TomeiEngineer

Taste that last forever

just received my first order.. omg... every single meal so far is delish!!! And not expensive. takes the stress of meal prepping.