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100% Natural
No Preservatives
100% Oil-free

Our Story

Bowlful Foods founder Denil Dedhia used to study in Australia and being a student he also used to work as a bar tender. Keeping busy with his lifestyle there were always difficulties to spare time for cooking at home, which needed a lot of time, going to market to buy groceries, washing vegetables, cutting & chopping and cooking. Sounds time consuming right? That’s not all still the battle of cleaning utensils stands in the way. Coming back to India and belonging to a family whose legacy has been in the food industry he got introduced with Freeze Dried Technology, which minimizes all the hassle of cooking and get the food ready in just 5 minutes. That’s where bowlfulstore was born.

Our Values

At bowlfulstore we believe in healthy food habits and customer convenience as our core and priority. Our food as mentioned above are better solution keeping health in mind and getting food ready in mere 5 minutes and easy to carry solves our second priority. We can assure our belief and values gets delivered to you through our produc

You can even find “fresh” food near your area. But how often do you get healthy, hygienic and tasty food all at same time? Our rule is simple – Fresh, healthy and hygienic food, which can be stored up to 12 month.

Something that Never Change!

Our Food System

Our Food System

has not changed since ages and being from technological era we need to bring the change. With growing time constrains we should try to minimize the time spent in cooking. bowlfulstore believes in real, responsible food with convenience. We support our local farming community. We treat our vendors and staff respectfully and we cook healthy food that has no preservatives, no oil, and are 100% natural.

What does this long and growing list of endeavor means?

What does this long and growing list of endeavor means?

The consumer wins, the community wins, farmers and labor wins. That’s a lot of winning as we grow. We believe we can inspire even bigger changes. One spoonful at a time.

To give you the comfort of home food when you are away from home.“LAGE GHAR JAISA.”